North Carolina Rabies Control Manual

Human Rabies: Prevention, Risk Assessments & Treatment

  1. Prevention, Assessment & Treatment Resources in This Manual (PDF)
  2. Rabies Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (Pre-EP) (PDF)
  3. Rabies Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (Pre-EP) and Serological Testing (RFFIT) Recommendations (Handout) (PDF)
  4. Serological Testing and Monitoring Rabies Titers (PDF)
  5. Rabies Risk Assessment and Treatment Steps for Healthcare Providers (PDF)
  6. Managing Animal Bites, Rabies Exposures & Rabies Postexposure Prophylaxis (PEP) (Handout) (PDF)
  7. Algorithms for Evaluating Human Rabies Risk from Animal Bites/Exposures:
  8. Developing a Rabies PEP Clinic for Mass Human Exposures
  9. Rabies PEP Treatment Sheet for LHDs and Health Care Providers (PDF)
  10. Rabies Biologics and Patient Assistance Programs (PDF)
  11. Exposures to Bats:

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